Can You Dance your Research?

Dance or a Scientific Theory?

Dance or a Scientific Theory?

I recently came across this very interesting contest organized by Gonzo labs, and I sincerely regret not having participated in it. But well, I have a year more to do my best.

I found the idea of the contest and the performance of the contestants extremely creative. The idea was scientific researchers in any discipline, were supposed to choreography based on their research and perform it. They all were supposed to upload their videos on youtube and wait for results. The results are very interesting and extremely creative. In one of my earlier posts I had talked about the idea of “Expressive Creativity”, as explained by Dr. Pradip Khandwalla in his books. Expressing complicated scientific research through choreography and dance, indeed is a great example of “Expressive Creativity”. In his book, “Lifelong Creativity”, Dr. Khandwalla cites, work done by Francis Hare, where he posits that “…aesthetic behaviour is triggered by perceived complexity.” (P. 105)

Obviously, nothing can be more complex than a research project on role of Vitamin D in beta-cell function. However,  Sue Lynn Lau, was creative enough to translate this complex research project into a nice choreography. He in fact, is the winner of the AAAS Dance contest. More vidoes you can watch here.


Khandwalla, Pradip N., 2003, Lifelong Creativity: An Unending Quest, McGraw-Hill Publishing India.

Hare, Francis. G., 1973, “Experimental Aesthetics : The Expressive and Responsive Artist”, Educational Trends, Vol.8 (1-4), 1973, pp. 49-59.

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