Anthropology Song

Dai Cooper, who is currently pursuing her Masters in Anthropology at University of Toronto, Canada uploaded an ‘Anthropology Song’ earlier this month. In less than a month’s time, the song has received some 20,000 hits and it has been widely discussed across academic blogosphere. It wouldn’t suprise me if the song is soon used in introductory sessions of Anthropology courses too. ¡Quite Creative!


One thought on “Anthropology Song

  1. That was fantastic! So very creative. Really makes me think of what I want my “title” to be once I’m done with grad school, what I want my area of “expertise” to be. I haven’t thought about anthropology, evolution, or sociology in a while, but your song makes me really think about it all over again. I used to really be into all of that and in a way I guess I act as a “pop culture sociologist” if you will, through all of my blogging and writing and discussions, and observations of people and life. But that was great and I hope your parents appreciate it. We should make all grad students make a video like that, declaring their love for their field. LOL! Good luck with your studies!

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