Invisible Man – Creatively Creative

Artist Liu Bolin ....'invisible' in front of a cannon. Source: Daily Mail, UK.

Sometime ago through an article on MR, I ended up discovering the incredible artwork by Chinese artist Liu Bolin. His series, titled “Hiding in the city” has become very popular across blogosphere. Look at the picture on the top. The amazing thing about his art is that he doesn’t use any special trick or technology. All he does is to paint himself. He says that the objective of his art is to convey how our surroundings affect us. His art studio in Beijing was shut down by the authorities in 2005. That’s what inspired the title of the first series of photographs, ‘Hiding in the city’.

In general, artists are considered to be creative. Painting a nice landscape or taking an interesting photograph, itself is a creative activity. But what do we call an artist like Liu Bolin? Artists like him, create a new trend, discover a new expression and redefine the boundaries of art. There are some who do a routine thing creatively. But there are a few like Liu who do a creative thing creatively.

Liu Bolin "invisible" in front of a graffiti....source: Daily Mail, UK


2 thoughts on “Invisible Man – Creatively Creative

  1. George,Your videos are exllceent as are your interviews and voice overs. The only thing I’d suggest is a light to brighten the face of the person who’s speaking.Best wishes,Peter

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