The Origin of Nokia Tune – in Spanish Classical Music

Francesc Tarrega

Well, when I found this piece of music, I was just so excited! I thought I had discovered something that nobody else knew. However, after 24 hours, I have realized that I was badly mistaken. Indeed, many people know the origin of the famous ‘Nokia Tune’ and if anybody wants to know, Wikipedia has all the information.

However, as I had wasted enough time celebrating and flaunting my ‘discovery’ I thought I should share it with regular readers of this blog – who read this blog at least once a year without fail.

Apparently, the origin of the most heard single piece of melody all over the world, the Nokia Tune, (it’s estimated to be heard 20,000 times per second on the earth) is in Spanish Classical Guitar Music. ‘Nokia Tune’ comes from a composition by Francesc Tárrega, a classical guitarist who was born in Villareal in the province of Castellon in the autonomous region of Valencia in 1852. His music is a mixture of then contemporary music and Spanish flamenco music.

I am attaching the file herewith. In the Youtube Video embedded below, you can spot the Nokia Tune at 0:13 seconds.

You can download the complete score in PDF here.


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