Keith Murnighan R.I.P


I have been fortunate to have met some amazingly passionate scholars in my small academic career so far. Keith was probably one of the most passionate scholars I have ever met. His passion for knowledge was contagious. After every class in his PhD course, I left the room wanting to read everything he would have talked about. Keith was not just a great scholar, he was also a humble and loving human being. Every time he talked about a paper written by one of his ex-students (and there are so many of them), one could see that parent-like pride and joy on his face. He genuinely loved everyone he taught. No wonder, he remembered career trajectories and intellectual trajectories of almost all his phd students.

Last time we talked, we talked about going to The Second City – we talked about theater. Unfortunately that will never happen. I hope we had met at least one more time so that I could have thanked you. I want to thank you for introducing me to the exciting world of games and experiments. I want to thank you for all those brainstorming talks. I want to thank you for stimulating conversations about almost everything under the sun. I want to thank you for telling me, “You are doing well!! Keep it up”, in a moment of self-doubt. Thanks for everything. You will be missed!!



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