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Thanks for stopping by. I am Kandarp Mehta, a PhD from IESE Business School, Barcelona.  At present I am working in the Entrepreneurship Department of IESE Business School and teach Negotiation in MBA and Executive Education programs. However, my research has mostly been about Creativity in organizations. Apart from being an MBA from Gujarat University, India and a Certified Cost Accountant (ICWA), I am also a trained theatre actor. I have been extremely fortunate to get an opportunity of knowing and working with Dr. Pradip Khandwalla, Ex-Director Indian Institute of Management India, a Scholar in Organization Theory and Creativity, a Poet and lot more. We have co-authored two research articles together, which have been published in respected publications like Vikalpa (IIM-Ahmedabad, India) and Creative Enterprise (Edited by Tony Davila and Marc Epstein)and International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management. I have also pursued my theatrical interest with lot of passion and have worked in semi-fictional documentaries, short films and theatre plays in English, Spanish, French, Gujarati and Hindi.

About the Blog

In this blog I talk about anything and everything that I find creative. The term Creatologue has been derived from ‘Creatology‘. The term ‘Creatology’ was coined by István Magyari-Beck as a new interdisciplinary science to study the complex phenomenon of Creativity, at the levels of personality, group, organization and culture/civilisation. Creativity has been studied by different disciplines like psychology, sociology, decision science, mathematics, computer science, anthropology, organization theory, neurology to name a few. This blog is an attempt to explore and understand different dimensions of this interesting, complex and immensely important phenomenon, called Creativity.



16 thoughts on “About the Blogger

  1. Very interesting stuff Kandarp. Liked the fun theory and the nokia tune… Well those are the only two post I read so… Keep it up…

  2. Hello Kandarp,
    Kudos on the blog, and on your academic and artistic accomplishments.
    Have you considered writing in Spanish? There is a need for deeper conversations about entrepreneurship and creativity in the Spanish-speaking world… We invite you to visit our page and share your thoughts: http://www.facebook.com/iniciativa.emprende.
    Warm regards, -Iniciativa Emprende (International Information Programs- US Dept. of State)

  3. About three hours ago, I started with an annotated bibliography assignment in my Library Management course in the MLIS program at San Jose State University, CA, USA. I was to find an article in the journal “Organization Dynamics” about operational management that I found interesting. I am interested in the avoidance of conflict and facing crisis and discovered an article about Creativity in Crisis Management.
    Because the bibliography is to be “evaluative,” I searched for other annotated bibliographies on “crisis management” and “creativity” in order to offer a wider selection of best practices and ideas than could be covered in one article. As I read through the articles offered in the bibliographies, I started to notice how many discussed “crisis” and “creativity,” but how none of them titled their works with the terms “crisis” and “creativity.” So, I searched Amazon.com to see if anyone had published works with the words or title “Crisis and Creativity.” After looking through some titles that were very unsatisfying, I scrolled down and happened to find your new book, “Conflict, Crisis and Creativity: A Study of Role Evolution in Creative Teams.” I googled your name, and found this blog.
    I cannot believe how lucky I am to have found your work, and so soon after you published. When my student loan comes through, I am going to purchase your book. And I will follow your blog.

  4. Another thought about your book…
    You may have already done this, but you might consider publishing the chapters (if you have “chapters”) as independent Kindle downloads for the top percentage share of 70% ($8.99 US per chapter download price). If you are able to do this, each chapter download would bring you ~$6.25 US. I don’t know how long your book is, but this publishing strategy could be very profitable for you, especially because it would allow customers and your blog followers to invest in the incremental downloads, instead of a large purchase price. (And I do not know how much of that “entire book” price you actually get, but I have a feeling you could do very well on Kindle with chapters.)

  5. Hi,

    We’re interested in advertising on your blog / website. Let me know if you’re interested in discussing further about it.


    Amandeep singh

  6. Kandarp- Write something about this Masscare,Rape case shooting to spread some words into people’s behaviour

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