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Campanades De Boda: A Play by ‘La Cubana’

This is the latest project where both Dhwani and I participated. My sister Jahnavi sang a song. Dhwani also features as a singer. Apart from acting, I was also involved as an assessor of the cultural elements of the script, songwriter and singer.

Following is a list of different Acting related projects, I have been a part of.


1. Camino A Bollywood : Camino A Bollywood is a Spanish documentary on Sara Barrera, a Spanish fan of Bollywood and her discovery of Hindi film industry. I was a co-explorer with Sara in this exciting journey of world’s biggest and the most colorful film industry. This documentary feature, directed by Raquel Barrera, was premiered at Sitges Film Festival on 11th October 2006 and is awaiting a commercial release.


2. The Spy of My Dreams : The spy of my dreams is a comic short film directed by Raquel Barrera. It was an official selection at Julius Film festival at Vic, Spain in December 2007.


3. Cocacola – Cerveza – Agua : This one is an interesting Spanish short film, directed by Lluís Hereu, this feature has been premiered at “Chaplin in Images” exhibition at Gerona, Spain. The short film is a homage to Charlie Chaplin and it re-creates a Chaplinesque character, situated in modern times.


4. The Lesson : The lesson is a famous play, written by Eugene Ionesco. I had an opportunity to play the Professor in the English version of this play, at Natrani, Ahmedabad, in 2004. It was performed under the aegis of Club de teâtre, of Alliance Française, Ahmedabad and was directed by Chinmay Vasavada and Preet Pandya.


5. El Último Telón : A Bergmanish short film in Spanish, written and directed by Raúl Ruíz Serna. It is on the editing table and is awaiting release.


7 thoughts on “Art Projects

  1. Didn’t know you had this too… You’ll have to help me with mine…
    My compliments, go on this way 🙂

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